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  Primary Uses:  If you are taking a vehicle there to re-register, you may be asked for a certificate of conformity by the registering authority staff so they can ascertain the vehicle data they need. ICOC carries the key vehicle data usually required by EU countries' registering authorities. ICOC is also good for travelling in Europe, and tolls, etc, for reference.

Warnings: We do issue documents for help with procedures in Italy and we regularly supply our ICOC documents in Italian for customers there. We have had some calls lately by some customers in certain regions alerting us to acceptance procedure changes and additional documentation requests. This is probably in line with the emergency rules brought in recently by Italian authorities to restrict foreign-registered cars and prevent overstaying the new 60 day rule. Please do bear in mind that whilst our ICOC may help, assist or contribute to Italian registration applications, we cannot ever guarantee anything or make promises of outcomes and uses of our documents. The final word on documentation and vehicle data recognition rests with the Italian operatives and staff. Importantly - we have heard from customers on the ground that in some places they may reject any document that is in English, such as the UK V5C and COCs published by vehicle manufacturers in English. 

Finally, as detailed on our web page, we do have an Italian import/export specialist on hand who regularly registers vehicles in Italy. He does take commissions and regularly registers complicated and unusual cars there, always using our ICOC documentation as the 'COC' part of the process.