Primary Uses:  (1) V55 form - If you are filling in, or trying to fill in, the UK DVLA V55/5 form, you may wish to know what questions to answer and how to answer them to achieve a perfectly filled-in form. Our iCoC does this job and instructs you, line by line, what to put for your particular vehicle. The iCoC also comes with extra help on the V55 application process and telephone support for your application. (2) TAXI licensing - we supply an iCoC stating vehicle information and emissions data (often crucial for taxi licensing and polution classifying). We also supply iCoC documents detailing and specifying wheelchair conversion and these documents are issued to assist with TAXI licensing in the UK. (3) The iCoC is also good if you are setting off travelling in Europe, for toll boxes, etc, for reference en route. (4) If you are selling a vehicle to a foreign person, he/she may ask for a CoC to assist with reregistration in their country. (5) If you are registering an ex MOD vehicle in the UK or re-registering a previously UK registered vehicle, our iCoC will suffice for DVLA type approval as we will reference its past type approval status.

Warnings: The UK DVLA insist on a manufacturer's CoC to accompany all V55/5 and V55/4 applications for vehicles less than ten years old. Our iCoC will not serve this purpose as the DVLA need to file an actual manufacturer's ECWVTA CoC with the application.