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Bulk supply of vehicle documents for motor-trade customers


For Car Sales Companies and private Motor Trade Companies

The UK is leaving the EU. have vehicles ID'd and up-to-date for travel through

Special prices and terms for trade customers

Motor-trade customers may wish to consider the EU Vehicle Information Document
 (VID) to boost new and used vehicle sales. Adds value to the vehicle.

The standard price of the vehicle-specific booklet is discounted for orders of over
20 vehicles. For orders of 50 vehicles or more, the customer can 'call off' multiple ID booklets over a fixed period. This gives flexibility for customers with fluid stock and smaller stock amounts .


Trade EU VID benefits:
  • Cheaper rate per vehicle EU VID booklet.
  • For larger quantity orders, the customer can 'call off' for vehicles as and when needs and stock changes.
  • Customers benefit from our easyUPLOAD system; vehicle data can be sent to us by spreadsheet or V5C scans, or even dictation.

Service: It costs a fixed amount, depending on number of vehicles chosen below, including postage...

  • Duration of service: 7 - 10 days
  • Prices:
    20 Vehicle-specific VID booklets - £2050 plus VAT
    50 Vehicle-specific VID booklets (includes 'call-off' feature and 6 months access to easyUPLOAD system) - £4950 plus VAT
    100 Vehicle-specific VID booklets (includes 'call-off' feature and 12 months access to easyUPLOAD system) - £9750 plus VAT

TO ORDER bulk vehicle documents, please give us the required data below. Your input will be processed and captured and you will receive an invoice by email

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After you submit this form and continue to payment, you will be emailed a confirmation. Thank you for your custom.




What is the EU Vehicle Information Document (VID)?

It contains the All France Crit-Air Clean Air permit, EC type approval number, Euro Classification, Emissions information, and other continental vehicle data for your car / bike / van / motorhome / truck. 

What is included?
A physical EU Vehicle Information Document (VID)  for your vehicle, with screen mount and day-to-day carry sleeve.
LEZ certificate for driving in France (contains a Clean Air LEZ disc for your vehicle, for All-France). So from the time you roll off a ferry or out of the tunnel, you are LEZ covered to the limits of the French borders.  
Free subscription to our EU-LEZ advice service. Information on new and existing EU Low Emission Zones.   
Vehicle-specific European data for your vehicle is printed in the document. This data is permanent so the EU Vehicle Information Document (VID) is your vehicle's 'papers'.

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