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Year of Manufacture Verification. 60
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Uses: If you need a verification of Year of Manufacture, our document will assist with that. For private sales and personal uses, and some administrative procedures like building a case with the UK HMRC, we can offer this independent verification of Year of Manufacture.

Limitations: Our verification may have many uses, but please note we are not registered with or approved by the DVLA. Their criteria for age-related number plates are very strict and they will give you a list of their recognised prioviders.

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What is a Year of Manufacture Verification?

States vehicle's Year of Manufacture.
States the source of the researched information or workings.
States general information about the vehicle (Make, model and VIN [chassis number]).

What is the Purpose of the Year of Manufacture Verification


General person-to-person use: An independent verification and hard-copy presentation of the vehicle's year of manufacture.

  UK: Useful in representations to the UK hmrc in connection with applications and assessments, when asked to provide a valuation and year of an imported or old vehicle.


EU and beyond the EU: An independent verification and presentation of the vehicle's year of manufacture.


DVLA: Not for use as evidence for age-related (or 'period') number plate applications to the UK DVLA. For guidance only.

NOTE: Year of Manufacture Verifications include 'how the information was obtained and research methods'.