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All queries regarding import and registration matters, call 0117 902 8656 (Bristol call centre).


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0117 902 8656

DVLA centralisation
DVLA local offices in the UK have now all closed.

Get live vehicle information from DVLA database NOW...

You will need the vehicle registration number and make. 


Find fuel consumption and emissions information on a new or used car NOW...

You will need the vehicle registration number and make. 



Need to register an imported vehicle in the UK?

All left hand drive vehicles and/or vehicles less than ten years old require either a manufacturer's CoC or an IVA test pass... before you can go to the V55/5 application forms stage.

Click either route above to begin your journey to UK vehicle registration. Or call 0117 902 8656.


You'll need the correct DVLA V55 form for your vehicle (we fill it in for you), ready to present to the DVLA (you'll just have to sign it). We will also send you instructions and advice on what to do next.

We can also provide a submission to HMRC through the NOVA system for your vehicle. Plus we'll help you with age (Year of Manufacture) verification and advise about dating evidence for the DVLA.

If you need an IVA test we can book that for you, and we can even help with any LHD conversion or test preparation you need.

Taking a vehicle out of the UK? Click here