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For those with no time or appetite for forms and red tape.

We will do all the paperwork for you. So you can now relax!


V55/5 form filled in for you, using CoC/ICOC or database information.


NOVA submission statement and proof of logging on the NOVA system for the vehicle. A NOVA clearance is essential for all UK vehicle registrations.


You send what documents you have and ID to us. We forward to the DVLA.


Advice on the phone as needed throughout the process.

We prepare the package for DVLA and send it off to them as your agent.

And we're still here for you, just in case things go wrong with the DVLA processing

TO ORDER, please give us the required data below. Your input will be processed and captured and you will proceed to the payment instructions page. We can provide this service for all vehicles that are presently unregistered (including previously registered vehicles, off road vehicles, imports, and barn finds).

I have proof of year from the manufacturer that I will post.
I do not have proof of year from the manufacturer. I would like registration on a Q registration for the timebeing. The manufacturer is unwilling to supply dating evidence at the present time. I was told this verbally by them. For their own reasons they will not age verify it and they did not state the refusal in writing for me. I understand that if I get proof of year in the future, VRS will ask
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After you submit this form and when you have paid, you will be emailed a confirmation and for any additional information we need. Thank you for your interest.



The price you pay for the 'Get Me A Log Book' service includes our forms, our role as agent and submissions and support service, and also includes the DVLA 55 registration fee.

Road Tax may also be applicable and this is not included in the GMALB fee. We can advise you on tax, if it is applicable, or you can look at tax rate tables here.