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The Crit'AIR
clean air scheme - our service...

1. Give us your basic vehicle details (we can accept any vehicle newer than 1992).
2. We ascertain the Emissions Class.
3. We fetch your vehicle information from the DVLA (you do not need to upload your V5).
4. We register you on the French scheme and purchase certification for you for your vehicle.

A PDF is sent to you within 24 hours that you can print and place on your dash.
6. A windscreen sticker is created in France and is posted to your home address.

OUR PRICE: £35 express service (car life-time purchase)


Crit-Air Zones *

To see a larger image of the areas included, click here.

The Scheme is being rolled out right across France.

French Environmental Zones


riving in France
Failure to display a Crit'Air sticker can result in a fine of €68 and €135.  

Driving in Belgium
Driving in the Brussels LEZ without compliance can mean a fine of up to €350.  

Free-to-share article

Freedom of Movement in the EU. How one person rode an old motorbike from the UK to Italy in search of work

By David Williams of VRS. © EUROCERT LIMITED 2019

At the time of writing [April 2019], there is no official minimum salary or hourly wage in Italy. In some parts of the Italian economy, in certain sectors, unions have established (agreed) minimum wages of around 7 Euro per hour. Outside of this, wages are what they are, and vary from region to region, sector to sector.

Jack, 26, is currently living and working in Lecce, in the province of Lecce, Puglia, Italy. He earns 4 EURO per hour and this is what he has earned since starting work there in 2018. He took agricultural/farm work initially in the summer of 2018, then building restoration labour, and finally – currently – hospitality (specifically, waiting in a café).

As an unskilled worker, Jack decided to move to Italy for a change and the possibility of opportunity, and he can speak Italian. Beforehand, he was living and working in Poole, Dorset, UK. Originally from Australia, he is used to migratory work and enjoying the European experience. In Poole, his rent was 350 pounds per month, for a room. In Italy, his rent is 150 euro per month, for a room. So the discrepancy in hourly rates may balance out, considering the cost of living.

But how does one get on their bike (quite literally, in this instance) and go and look for work, within the union that is the EU?

This is how Jack described the administrative process of settling in for work:


“ It was not easy. One must first find a place to reside, either renting private or through an agent. The previous residence must be changed, which involves going to an office called ‘Agenzia Entrate’. Here the contract is confirmed, and then entered into the system. Once this is complete, the citizen/resident has access to the healthcare system and other services. The address will be confirmed by a Police visit within 3 weeks. ”


At this point, Jack’s bike was bearing a UK number plate. In EC law, a migrant worker is usually allowed 6 months on a foreign (EU) number plate before the need arises to register it locally. Recently, the Italian government passed an emergency law changing this to 60 days.

Jack’s bike is a 2001 Royal Enfield Machismo A350. A descendant of the British model, made in India by Royal Enfield India. It was registered in the UK in February 2002.

European (EC) Law dictates that if a vehicle is already registered within the EU (in an EU member state) it should be easily registered by the appropriate authority. Additionally, if it has an EC Whole Vehicle type approval number, it should be registered without [additional] testing, by the member state. In theory, the vehicle’s registration document would bear the type approval number and this would be an acceptable source of its compliance to EC road laws.

This sounds OK, but in practice, these laws and guidelines often don’t work so well. Jack’s bike has a type approval number, and type approval numbers are sometimes etched in to the vehicle VIN plate. But not always. Jack has a British V5C (registration document) for his bike. In Jack’s case, the V5C does display the EC type approval number (but sometimes the V5C does not contain this, for various reasons). The VIN plate does not display the type approval number but, in any case, almost every registering administrator in every office in every EU country will say four words ‘Certificate of Conformity please!’. At this point things start to get a little tricky, since the manufacturer is in India and the bike is 18 years old. In Jack’s case, there was also a language problem, so the V5C could not be understood by the administrators.

This is how Jack described the administrative process of applying for a local (Italian) registration for the bike:


“ Not easy in my particular instance. It was a long and complicated process at an office called ‘Motorizzazione’. The process is incredibly old-fashioned, nothing online. Everything needs photocopying 3 times.

After this is complete, it is necessary to go to a separate office, ACI (Automobile Club d’Italia) to pay governmental taxes.

There was a lot of confusion within the office itself, English was not spoken, the English registration certificate was difficult for them. ”


With the vehicle registration blocked on the COC (Certificate Of Conformity) issue, Jack turned to Eurocert Vehicle Registration Services. We provided an (ICOC) Independent Certificate Of Conformity, bearing the UK DVLA-generated vehicle information and VRN (Vehicle Registration Number), as well as the EC Type Approval Number. Additionally, the ICOC references the EC laws pertaining to ease of re-registration within the union, and where possible state emissions information, and any other facts the registering authorities may find useful. To top it all, it can be provided in 6 different languages. Jack’s Italian version ICOC could be read by the administrators and his application was passed. The bike is now on an Italian number plate.


Eurocert Vehicle Registration Services can never guarantee any outcome or successful procedure using an ICOC, but it is a service which many many people fall back on when their V5C does not contain the information needed, and/or they are unable to get a COC from the vehicle manufacturer. There could be many reasons for the latter. For example, manufacturer gone out of business (eg. SAAB, etc.), brand changed hands (Chevrolet, etc.), vehicle too old (the ECWVTA system only started in the mid 90s), etc.etc.

Jack says he may ride back to the UK if Brexit doesn’t happen and live and work here again. If he does, as things stand now, he should find it a lot easier. The UK DVLA also has an obsession with manufacturer’s COCs (by the way, they won’t accept a foreign registration document bearing a type approval number as type approval evidence) but they do waive it for vehicles over ten years old. If a vehicle is ten years old it can be registered in the UK with a simple MOT test pass certificate and proof of the year of manufacture. Even if it is left hand drive and bearing a speedo reading KPH.

This article was based on a customer transaction between Eurocert Vehicle Registration Services and the customer (Jack), with the kind assistance of Jack - in answering a typed sheet of questions about his experiences. Jack left us a review as follows:

“ 02 Febraury 2019 

The ICOC which I purchased for my UK reg'd motorbike was successfully used to transfer the registration to Italy, in the commune of Lecce. 

You've saved my motorbike from the scrappers! 

Many thanks, 

Jack (Enfield Bullet Machismo registration in Italy) ”

14 April 2019

By David Williams of VRS. © EUROCERT LIMITED 2019



Keep driving in the EU 

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For the Brussels and Antwerp LEZ you should undergo our official Belgium LEZ [NON VISUAL] test on your vehicle. The test submitted online by us through the Belgian LEZ operator allows us to tell you whether you are or are not allowed to travel with your vehicle in the LEZ. If the answer is negative, we will give you further options if travel in the LEZ is essential .  .  .

Click here to purchase Belgian LEZ Test Procedure.


Driving throughout the EU
You may wish to consider the EU Vehicle Information Document (VID) vehicle-specific booklet.
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