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Our service could help you sell more imported or unregistered vehicles...

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What is included:

registration form fully filled in, ready for the DVLA.

Notification and assistance regarding any other procedures needing to be carried out (eg. MOT test if applicable)

STANDARD AGE-RELATED DVLA number plate application.

Or, if you have no proof of vehicle age . . .

Q PLATE APPLICATION / agricultural tax-exemption if needed / MOT exemption if needed / any other supportive documents. And some FAST TRACK instruction notes for DVLA.

PLUS You send your applicable documents to us (MOT certificate, ID with any road tax fee) and we act as agent, sending off to and communicating with the DVLA.

You don't even need to sign anything.

And we're still here for you, just in case things go wrong with the DVLA processing


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