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The CRIT'AIR clean air sticker

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CRIT'AIR clean air stickers
£35 express service


FRANCE: The Crit'AIR clean air scheme - our service...

1. Give us your basic vehicle details (we can accept any vehicle newer than 1992).
2. We ascertain the Emissions Class.
3. We fetch your vehicle information from the DVLA (you do not need to upload your V5).
4. We register you on the French scheme and purchase certification for you for your vehicle.

A PDF is sent to you within 24 hours that you can print and place on your dash.
6. A windscreen sticker is created in France and is posted to your home address.

OUR PRICE: £35 express service (car life-time purchase)


Crit-Air Zones *

To see a larger image of the areas included, click here.

The Scheme is being rolled out right across France.

French Environmental Zones
 * France Zone INFO


Buy yours here. Same-day service

The French Air Quality Certification scheme is a secure registration issued on the basis of emissions, fuel type and age of vehicle.

It certifies the vehicle's French CRIT'AIR class and is now essential if driving in many French cities and some general regions too. If you do not have one you risk an expensive on-the-spot fine.

If you need certification on the scheme urgently or do not have all the necessary information to get one from France, click here to buy now. You are covered within 24 hours, usually same-day, on the scheme.

The certification process includes a round sticker which is put in the windscreen. It is needed for all vehicles, including two- or three-wheeled, quadricycles, private vehicles, commercial vehicles, HGVs, buses and coaches. The sticker will take several weeks to arrive from France but we register you on the scheme within 24 hours. Bon voyage!


The scheme is a one-time registration purchase so once you have done it you can still make that spontaneous drive to France for the weekend and route through all French areas. The French authorities will be using the graded stickers to identify more polluting cars so traffic can be restricted or mionitored.

Which Parts of France?

All big cities and lots of regions. See the map and links on the left for more information.


We'll save you form-filling time, save you stress and do it faster... 
Buy France certification from us. You're covered within 24 hours; usually same- day.


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07795 423598

Driving in Paris

Failure to display a Crit'Air sticker can result in a fine of €68 and €135.


General Driving in France

If driving your own car, do not forget to carry:

* Driving Licence
* UK V5C (log book)
* ICOC or COC (if you can)
* Insurance

Red Triangle
Hi Viz vest
Headlamp converters
Spare Bulbs
GB sticker

Driving further afield?
You may wish to consider the EU Vehicle Information Document (VID) vehicle-specific booklet.
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