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Bulk supply of vehicle documents for fleet management customers


For Car Hire firms, Company Car Fleet Managers, Haulage Operators, etc.

The UK is leaving the EU. have vehicles ID'd and up-to-date for travel through

Special prices and terms for fleet customers

Fleet managers may wish to consider the EU Vehicle Information Document
 (VID) to boost customer and user confidence in operational vehicles.

The standard price of the vehicle-specific booklet is discounted for orders of over
20 vehicles. For orders of 50 vehicles or more, the customer can 'call off' multiple ID booklets over a fixed period. This gives flexibility for customers with fluid stock and smaller stock amounts .


Fleet EU VID benefits:
  • Cheaper rate per vehicle EU VID booklet.
  • For larger quantity orders, the customer can 'call off' for vehicles as and when needs and stock changes.
  • Customers benefit from our easyUPLOAD system; vehicle data can be sent to us by spreadsheet or V5C scans, or even dictation.

Service: It costs a fixed amount, depending on number of vehicles chosen below, including postage...

  • Duration of service: 7 - 10 days
  • Prices:
    20 Vehicle-specific VID booklets - £2050 plus VAT
    50 Vehicle-specific VID booklets (includes 'call-off' feature and 6 months access to easyUPLOAD system) - £4950 plus VAT
    100 Vehicle-specific VID booklets (includes 'call-off' feature and 12 months access to easyUPLOAD system) - £9750 plus VAT

TO ORDER bulk vehicle documents, please give us the required data below. Your input will be processed and captured and you will receive an invoice by email

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After you submit this form and continue to payment, you will be emailed a confirmation. Thank you for your custom.




What is the EU Vehicle Information Document (VID)?

It contains the All France Crit-Air Clean Air permit, EC type approval number, Euro Classification, Emissions information, and other continental vehicle data for your car / bike / van / motorhome / truck. 

What is included?
A physical EU Vehicle Information Document (VID)  for your vehicle, with screen mount and day-to-day carry sleeve.
LEZ certificate for driving in France (contains a Clean Air LEZ disc for your vehicle, for All-France). So from the time you roll off a ferry or out of the tunnel, you are LEZ covered to the limits of the French borders.  
Free subscription to our EU-LEZ advice service. Information on new and existing EU Low Emission Zones.   
Vehicle-specific European data for your vehicle is printed in the document. This data is permanent so the EU Vehicle Information Document (VID) is your vehicle's 'papers'.




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