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Person-to-person business meeting. Consultation in private, on vehicle Import Matters and/or Registration Issues.

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Get live vehicle information from the UK DVLA database...


You will need only the vehicle registration number. This is a 3rd party data provision service. We are not part of the DVLA, and have no partnership with the UK DVLA.


Motor Trade Questions and Support
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Forms, templates and guidance for tests and compliance


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Keep driving in the EU 

with LEZ driving permits, tests, and advice from us



A great deal can be achieved in a real-life meeting, discussing one particular subject or problem!


Sometimes things cannot be done so well on the phone or by email. If you need to meet a consultant, person-to-person, the charge rate is 120 plus VAT for an hour-long meeting in Bristol. But most things can easily be resolved in that time and enough left over for an action plan.

Any subject area can be covered, it's your choice! But the area of specific expertise is Vehicle Import Matters and Assistance with Vehicle Registration Issues.


It costs 120 plus VAT for a one-hour business consultation in Bristol.


The following locations and meetings at specified customer sites are from 255 plus VAT, per hour:



We can help with all import, export and UK registration issues. We advise as follows:

When is the best time to import a car in to the UK? NOW.

When is the best time to register an unregistered car in the UK? NOW.

When is the best time to relocate with my vehicle?

Let us tell you why.


Your DVLA Advice Consultant can be booked on a contractual basis for longer periods, and to speak or advise at events or groups. Please email direct for this -

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