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Vehicle Registration Services (VRS)
DVLA Advice and Admin Services

Over ten years of experience processing and completing thousands of UK registration applications. Plus vehicle dating services, UK HMCS expert witness services, and countless customs clearances as agents.

We have also assisted in thousands of foreign registration applications, mainly within the EU.

None of our team have ever worked for the DVLA. We have an academic grounding in scientific research methods and European law and we have worked hard to gain valuable insights in to the workings of the UK DVLA and similar organisations abroad.

 We have the knowledge it takes to advise and assist in vehicle registration matters.

We shuttle documents to DVLA Swansea for review and processing

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EUROCERT ICOC Conformity Certificate

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Where our vehicle data comes from (ICOC services)

The Eurocert ECWVTA database

Apart from general Vehicle Registration Services, our business of issuing and distributing ICOCTM is backed by the Eurocert  database of vehicle Type Approval numbers, as well as 'TVV' Variant and Version numbers, and Emissions data.

This is a powerful and unique database consisting of tens of thousands of ECWVTA (European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval) numbers for a wide range of vehicles.

Eurocert is a British company using the trademarks ICOC and Independent Certificate of Conformity in the provision of vehicle research, verification and general information services.

Day to day business carried on at VRS Creative Space, 58 North Street, Bristol, BS3 1HJ
Registered office: Unit 8, 179 Whiteladies Road, Bristol, BS8 2AG

Eurocert Limited is a company incorporated in England and Wales with registered number 10252248, VAT number: UK338957841



Database provider:


Services / what we do...

1. Fully complete a NOVA (Notification Of Vehicle Arrivals) procedure and Submission to HMRC for you, without you having to fill in any form or online HMRC system. You will be NOVA clear!

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2. We supply a range of complete UK registration documents services.
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3. Concise expert information
and advice over the phone;
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4. Independent Certificate of Conformity (ICOCTM). Documentation stating vehicle information relating to European Type Approval Number. An affordable and fast way to obtain your vehicle data; it states the key facts about a vehicle and its status with regard to European approval and European law (registration, movement and re-registration issues). This can be used to glean key information for filling in forms such as the UK V55 form, as well as informational use in MOT stations, and the foreign equivalent equivalent.

EUROCERT ICOC Vs a Manufacturer's (ECWVTA) Certificate of Conformity

5. Advice and services for small volume manufacturers. This includes production of bespoke templates and paperwork, such as Certificate of Newness, Certificate of Conformity, Type approval and CE mark applications and realisation.

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