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EU driving permits, LEZ and EU Vehicle Information Document (VID)

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The French Air Quality Certification scheme is a secure registration issued on the basis of emissions, fuel type and age of vehicle.

It certifies the vehicle's French CRIT'AIR class and is now essential if driving in many French cities and some general regions too. If you do not have one you risk an expensive on-the-spot fine.

£35. If you need certification on the scheme urgently or do not have all the necessary information to get one from France, click here to buy now. You are covered within 24 hours, usually same-day, on the scheme.


For the Brussels, Ghent and Antwerp LEZ you should undergo our official Belgium LEZ [NON VISUAL] test on your vehicle. The test submitted online by us through the Belgian LEZ operator allows us to tell you whether you are or are not allowed to travel with your vehicle in the LEZ. If the answer is negative, we will give you further options if travel in the LEZ is essential.

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You may wish to consider the EU Vehicle Information Document (VID) vehicle-specific booklet.

£130 plus VAT. Buy now  |  more information

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