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Reported problems:

SPAIN - current...
We have been hearing from customers in Spain that some ITV centres are insisting on the 'original' manufacturer's certificate of conformity just to be able to do a vehicle test. They also sometimes insist on a local engineer's report. We do not understand why but please bear this in mind when presenting a vehicle using a V5C and/or our documents as we do not guarantee acceptance. Please only buy if you are willing to accept that our document may not satisfy certain ITVs or individuals.
IBIZA - current
We have heard from two customers in the past year that our document was not sufficient for the ITV testing stations to glean enough information to carry out an ITV (MOT) test. we are wroking to find out why this is.





Problems registering,
using information generated by us

When notified by customers of rejection of registrants' applications abroad, we monitor the situation. If it seems likely or common that our documents or the information contained therein may not be recognised as useful or helpful we note it here. We please ask that you consider the following:

1. Our Independent Certificate of Conformity is a cheap alternative, and usually quicker, than obtaining a Manufacturer's Certificate of Conformity. In many cases (for older vehicles particularly) manufacturers will not even be able to issue these documents. We can present data on our certificates for any vehicle but only on the basis that you consider it worth a try, or your only option. Please only view our documents as back up or as a last resort or 'additional information'.

2. Refunds...You are buying a product on this page that consists of unique documents, provided as a custom-made document service. Where services are bespoke or custom-made documents, we may not offer customers a cancellation refund. Please see refund policy


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